Steampunk Artefacts, Hand-Engineered to Give Sterling Daily Service

Welcome to Shipton Bellinger's Steampunk Engineering Works, where pride is taken in maintaining traditional British craftsmanship to produce useful artefacts which are intended to give sterling daily service.

All of my inventions are one-off creations, with no two being identical, and it is therefore difficult to maintain a regular stock of specific items. I hope that these pages will give some idea of what is available, although they are liable to change at a moments notice.

Steampunk USB Flash Drive - 8GBSteampunk USB Flash Drive - 8GBSteampunk Jewelry by Silk WilloughbySteampunk USB Flash Drive - 2GBSteampunk USB Flash Drive - 8GBSteampunk Jewelry by Silk Willoughby

As Seen On BBC News

Those awfully nice chaps at the BBC recently reported on White Mischief's Great Exhibition, held at the Scala in London in March of 2010. The resulting short video was, I believe, shown on the morning news programme. Certain of my Portable Information Cabinets are featured at about 1 minute in, as examples of ‘Steampunk technology’.

Just in case Auntie Beeb should make this article unavailable for embedding, the full report (words and video) can be seen on the BBC News Web site.